MMDVM Repeater

My MMDVM repeater running running based on 2 Motorola GM1280s with detachable heads

Things still to do

  • Fan controllers still need to be build
  • waiting for the last small part to arrive
  • Still need to figure out how to remove the heads from the GM1280s without turning them off
  • Add display to the case
  • Program the radios


  • 2 x Motorola GM1280
  • MMDVM board from SP8NTH v3 with some changes to the filters
  • Cisco ASA 5520 case inc PSU
  • Duplex filter
  • Raspberry PI
  • 3 x Cat5 panel mount
  • 2 x BNC - BNC panel mount
  • Arduino to play fan controller
  • Various other small parts

.. thumbnail:: /gallaries/MMDVM/MMDVM_Repeater_2.jpg The Front of the repeater