My adventures in the HAM world

MD380 pre-build firmware

After getting a lot of requests for local hams with limited knowledge of linux for the md380 firmware I desided to make it automatic

You can find the firmware here: md380-fw

So i wrote a relative simple bash script to check for a new version and if there is one make a new build

Firmware updates are build every hour if there is new code pushed.

cd /home/zarya/md380tools

NOW=$(date +"%Y%m%d-%H%M%S")
if git fetch origin master &&
    [ `git rev-list HEAD...origin/master --count` != 0 ] &&
    git merge origin/master
    HEAD=$(git rev-parse HEAD)
    make clean all > /var/www/html/md380-fw/firmware-${NOW}-${COMMIT}-buildlog.txt 2>&1
    cp applet/experiment.bin /var/www/html/md380-fw/firmware-${NOW}-${COMMIT}.bin